Friday, July 23, 2010

Week 1: Auburn vs. Arkansas State

September 4, 2010
Note to Reader: This is a pre-season prediction made in late July August. If you found this information the week of the game, please note that my actual game preview will be posted on Wednesday with the postgame on Sunday. Please click on the Blog Archive 2010 heading to be taken to the weekly preview or postgame.

With Auburn traveling to Starkville to play Mississippi State in a Thursday night ESPN contest, the team will have part of its mind (as well as part of its game plan) established on the SEC schedule. However, with the team chomping to hit someone other than itself, there will be enough focus on the game at hand to get new QB Cameron Newton’s feet wet in a live game situation and find out whether he can pass or not. It won’t be close and it won’t be pretty.

Score Prediction: Auburn: 38, Arkansas State: 7.
Record Prediction: 1-0


Anonymous said...

Wow, i don't know, not too quick to write off stAte, two years ago in a season opener Texas A&M did that and they went in there and won in front of 80,000 plus AM fans. And they fought tough against Iowa last year. Tough team, i seriously doubt a 38-7 victory, maybe 21-10

Walt M said...

You may be right, but Auburn will do more damage to itself than I think Arkansas State does to it. However, I'm giving Auburn's defense too much credit in this game. Arkansas State wil likely score more points, just not enough.