Thursday, July 22, 2010

Are You Ready For Some Football...

In the second year of Gene Chizik’s tenure, we’ve established a trend with positive variance.

I know. What does that mean?

Last year, when I looked as the projections, I discovered we were a near consensus pick for 5th place.

This year, we’re a near consensus pick for 4th.

Most of the prognosticators have Auburn behind some arrangement of Alabama, Arkansas, and LSU. One exception to this is Phil Steele, who bills himself as the most accurate forecaster out there. Steele predicts the Iron Bowl will match two 11-0 teams. However, he still picks Alabama to win it.

Whatever the prediction, we know two things.

1) It’s a lot of fun with little basis in realism.

2) Games are won on the field.

At the very least, Auburn should better it’s 8-5 record. How much it does so depends on defense. Auburn’s defense was pathetic at times last year, having to play soft to conserve energy as our lack of defensive replacements was on display much of the year. It definitely cost us one and possibly cost us three games.

Over the next two weeks, I’ll be giving my game-by-game prediction. Through the season, I’ll be giving previews with wrap-ups after the game is over. My wrap-ups may be a little delayed this season though. My younger son is playing football for the first time this fall. His games will be on Saturday. And though my son’s game times will vary, I may find myself watching games delayed on replay. I’ll put my thoughts (and my score out there) for comments and I’ll hope you’ll drop by to see the picks and then see my game week reviews (and occasional post mortems).

War Eagle!

And let’s play some football.

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