Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Checking Off the Book

My older son wants to be an eagle scout.

He’s got a long way to go. He currently has achieved Tenderfoot rank, the second step on the road to Eagle. The next rung on the ladder is Second Class. There’s two pages of requirements and he’s been diligently working on them. As of this week, he had his remaining requirements down to five. He also had a plan. He prepped for two of his remaining requirements prior to this week’s meeting. As we drove up, he began searching for the Asst. Scoutmaster that he needed to find.

“Dad, there he is.”

“Wait. Let me stop the car first.”

I brought the car to a stop and he was out before I turned off the engine. He got two requirements done, then tracked down the Scoutmaster to discuss what else he needed to do. He got two more requirements completed, leaving him one to go. He should achieve Second Class by sometime in mid-June. (From there, he’ll start on First Class.)

He’ll have his new rank just in time for camp for Scout Camp. He has mapped this out, too. To reach Eagle, he needs to earn 21 merit badges. Twelve of these come from a specific list. He currently has four badges (almost five) with one from the list. At camp, he’ll work on five merit badges. Three of them are from the Eagle List. He also has mapped out three more badges to work on this summer, all Eagle required. In his Boy Scout book, he has checkmarks next to the badges he’s working on with a plan for what to do next.

Before I left the meeting, I ran into the Scoutmaster. I congratulated him on a recent accomplishment in his family. His own son just achieved the rank of Eagle. He was excited about it. He then mentioned his conversation with my son earlier in the evening. He mentioned how proud he was of my son’s accomplishments and what he’s doing to make sure he makes Eagle.

So am I.

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Karen Roderick said...

Wonderful stuff. Well done to your boy, hope it gets what he wants :-)