Tuesday, March 9, 2010


John Belushi did a funny SNL skit about how March comes in differently in other countries vs. the U.S. In Norway, for example, March comes in like a polar bear and goes out like a walrus. There was one country (and it wasn’t Australia) where March hops in like a kangaroo and goes out like a wild dingo. However, my personal favorite was that there are nine different countries where March comes in like a frog and goes out like a golden retriever. (I tried to find a copy of this skit on youtube, but no luck.)

But, in Georgia, I don’t think anyone ever expected March to come in like a lion. Given the schedule of my sons’ baseball league, the Mill Creek Athletic Association, it’s obvious they didn’t.

There’s a rule in Mill Creek baseball: No playing if it’s below 45 degrees. The rule used to be honored, at least as far as I knew. However, weather like this was such a rarity that it was rarely ever invoked. Unfortunately, with the weird weather we’ve been having, the rule needed to be broken.

It all started with tryouts. Tryouts were in late January. They postponed it one day due to rain, but had to run it as soon as they could. The practice schedule through February was tight and they had no choice.

My younger son’s team tried to meet out of the gate. Cold weather and more rain sent them to the batting cages. Field time was a rarity and the kids were blowing on their hands when they weren’t throwing that ball. Everyone kept hoping, it seemed, that the weather would improve, but to no avail. We had more practices at The Cage (a batting cage in Buford). And, if you had field practice, you were thankful that you weren’t on a late evening practice team as the thermos that could keep hot chocolate warm through an entire practice hasn’t been invented yet. And there were stories of pee-wee kids crying during practice games because it was so cold.

My older son’s team had the same problem (minus the crying). Rain killed their field times and they got in a lot of hitting practice, too.

The arrival of March signaled, I had hoped, the last of the cold weather. Still, temperatures of around forty degrees plagued my older son’s game last Thursday and my younger son’s first game last Friday. However, on Saturday, the weather finally brightened and a hint of spring broke through. Saturday felt closer to baseball weather and I hope it stays that way. However, news weather teasers suggest more cold weather ahead.

The oddest March I remember form my childhood happened when I was in middle school. My Dad had somehow wrangled tickets for the ACC tourney. The weekend of the tourney, the first weekend in March back then, saw North Carolina hit with a huge ice storm. The Greensboro Coliseum was over half-empty. Never imagined that. We parked on the street, outside the coliseum, and walked in facing a strong wind.

The following weekend featured temps in the 80s. This was good as (and I don’t rightly remember) we either headed to the beach the following weekend or else they were running at Rockingham.

Back to the present, I’m sure that all of us look forward to the warmer weather. Hopefully, not too hot though.

After all, Mill Creek football practice supposedly starts in late June.

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Kathy said...

Let's hear it for warm weather! We've had temps in the 50's here in New England.