Friday, February 5, 2010

Shooting for the Moon

My second grader has a month-long project for school. He has to go out each night and look for the moon, check its phase, and record it on his chart. He remembers the assignment each night, though he remembers it late. Still, he gets excited about making a mark on his worksheet.

However, we’re on Day Four of the assignment and we’ve run into a snag we didn’t expect. We haven’t seen the moon.

I went out with him on the first night of the assignment and walked around the house. Nothing. I first thought it was a new moon (and thought what a stupid day to start the assignment), but then I went on-line and checked. Full moon expected.

Just with the thick clouds we couldn’t see it. I looked in the distance and could see one section of the clouds was much lighter, I knew the moon was there. But, it didn’t help. My little guy just wrote cloudy on his paper, hid a mournful look, and went to bed. Night two was pretty much the same. More thick clouds, but no moon, which produced a sad little boy.

On the third night, we were greeted with stars. I was ecstatic and knew my second grader would be, too. We went out to get our first glimpse of the “cold hearted orb that rules the night,” as the Moody Blues say.

Still nothing.

The main street in our neighborhood rolls up and down. Some houses are elevated. Others not. Our house is in low spot. We couldn’t see the moon. It was too low in the sky and not in our field of vision. My son wrote “too low in the sky.”

While at work on Day Four, I resolved to take the little guy on a drive. I was determined he would see the moon. The rain and clouds had other ideas. He wrote “cloudy” again on his sheet.

With 26 days to go, I know we will eventually have nights where he can see the moon. However, if this continues. I know he won’t get the full benefit of the exercise. I could show him on computer, but would that help?

Any suggestions?

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