Friday, February 12, 2010

Need Some Help

Normally, I write about my kids. Today, I’m going in the other direction. I’m going to write about my grandmother.

My grandmother is turning ninety. It’s a fantastic number. The family will be gathering soon to celebrate this milestone occasion. It will be a long weekend party and I’ll enjoy every minute of it.

My favorite grandmother story for the longest time has dealt with my grandfather. Apparently, my grandmother met my grandfather when she was in her late teens. He had a date with someone else, but was so smitten with my grandmother that he broke his date to go out with her. Grandma apparently felt the same way about Grandpa. She often talked about handsome he was in his Army uniform back when she first met him.

Recently, my grandmother revealed a memorable story about my dad. My grandfather served in Europe late in WWII and afterwards. He was gone for a couple of years. My grandmother tried to think of something special to welcome my grandfather home.

My dad apparently suggested getting a baby brother or sister.

I remember visiting my grandparents when I was a kid. Grandma would fix me oatmeal for breakfast and I would try to help her with the puzzles in the newspaper. I rarely ate oatmeal at home, but always did at Grandma’s. For some reason, it just tasted better.

Most of have stories like that, I know.

And, as I said above, my grandmother is turning ninety. And here’s where I need the help.

My aunts and uncles want to put a sign in the yard announcing the event. Hallmark has a few choice slogans for younger ages. “Lordy, lordy, look who’s forty” and “Ain’t it nifty, you’re turning fifty.”

However, we don’t have anything for my grandmother’s age.

One of my uncles jokingly suggested, “Kiss her hiney, she’s turning ninety.” However, we know that isn't going to work.

So, anybody got any suggestions?


BECKY said...

Whoa...your uncle's a little "strange"...isn't he?! :)
There's a rhyming dictionary you can look at online. Go to: Type in the word you want to rhyme and voile'....many words...usually! I couldn't come up with anything for ninety! If I do think of anything, though, I'll send it!

Walt M said...

He was definitely kidding when he said it. He's a really creatice type and was just struggling to come up with something. "Nothing rhymes with ninety," he said.

Jody Hedlund said...

I just celebrated my gramma's 90th birthday last year! It was a huge party at her nursing home and was great to be together with family. But boy, we didn't come up with a saying or anything like that! Good luck! BTW, I like your uncle's saying! ;-) And have a great time celebrating!

BECKY said...

Hey Walt! I was kidding, too, when I said that about your uncle!! Gosh, it sounds like something my family or I would say! :D

Kathy said...


Maybe: "Lord Almighty, Grandma's Ninety!"

That doesn't quite rhyme but...


"Wine and Dine Me, Someone's Ninety!"

Walt M said...


I like that. Hope I get some more comments.


We will. My Dad is one of nine kids and all his siblings, plus many of my cousins, are coming.


I know. Don't worry.

Keli Gwyn said...

I hope your grandmother's 90th birthday celebration was spectacular.

And, do tell. What saying did you come up with?

Carol Burnside said...

She's small, but mighty and turning ninety!

Check out my blog - I gave you an award. :)

Walt M said...


Actually, the party's this weekend. It's going to be a blast.

Walt M said...

Carol, thanks for idea and the award. :-)