Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Sweatin' With The Youngies

It was over dinner Sunday night (and I’m thankful that we always eat dinner a family, even if my younger son always ends up saying grace with his mouth full), that my wife asked me if I wanted to join a gym.

“I think the place may be running a special. Ten dollars a month isn’t bad.”

“I know,” I said. “I just wonder if I'll have the time?”

“Well, you should do something. You could stand to drop a few pounds. The doctor said so.”

I looked down at my slight paunch and knew she was right. I’m not fat, but I don’t want to keep growing in the stomach.”

“Dad,” my younger son piped in, “if you go to the gym, I want to go, too.”

“You already have a gym,” my wife said. “It’s called recess.”

“It’s been too cold, Mommy.”

“Doesn’t matter,” she responded. “You still get exercise.”

“I know,” he answered. “Daddy, you can use that movie you have with the exercise girl, the one that I used to do with you.”

Exercise girl? My wife mouthed, wondering what video I was showing the kids when she wasn’t home.

“Pilates,” I said,

My wife nodded and then her head perked up. “I know. You can do exercise TV on cable.”

“We can do what?”

“Exercises. There are free videos on TV.”

With dinner over and the table cleared, we began searching our cable company’s “On Demand” feature. Normally, we only use this for movies, as it was good for both free ones as well as ones where we know even buying it on DVD is still too high a price. But I’d had no idea there was exercise videos as well.

We looked first for a short video to get into the spirit. There were all sorts of categories. Basic toning. Cardio. Carmen Electra (I know what that one is. Could never watch it with my kids), as well as walking videos. We scrolled through the toning videos, choosing one for basic abs and thighs, as I was silently thankful that my kids didn’t ask me to explain some of the more interesting titles. We spent 15 minutes, getting some kinks out of our muscles while my wife and I moved the couch to give us room. It had definitely been awhile.

“Kick in, not out.”

“Arms up.”


“Stay in rhythm.”

“Mommy stop laughing.”

I looked over at my wife. “Honey, you’re welcome to join us.,”

“No, I’m already good shape,” she joked. Granted, I’ve been telling her that for years. It takes something like this for her to believe me.

Ab work done. We started a walking video, doing what amounted to 1+ miles in about 20 minutes. Finally, we called it a day.

“What? You’re quitting?” my wife asked.

“Honey, the workout’s over. The boys need to study.”

My wife laughed. “And what’s your excuse.”

“I have to help them.”

I’m certain it won’t be our last night of family exercise, though I don’t know how long we’ll stay at it. If it goes at least a month, it will exceed most of our resolutions. Still, with family dinners and a family workout, it was a nice evening at home. And there’s nothing wrong with that.


Jennifer Shirk said...

That is so cute! A little family workout. :)

I go to a gym but since we got the Wii for Christmas, I was thinking about asking for the Wii fitness for Mother's day. I heard good things about it.

Walt M said...

Jennifer, I've been thikning about getting Wii fit, too. Sounds like a good idea.