Tuesday, January 12, 2010

The Game*

* Not to confused with Paul Levesque, a professional wrestler known by his ring monikers, Triple H and The Game.

“But Dad, you suck at it.”

My younger son, age 8, actually meant well with his words. He just wanted to spare his Dad any embarrassment.

“Ok, then let’s go. You. Me. Mario Kart. Mano y mano.

“Mano what?

“Against each other.”


We plugged in the controls and began. The first match was no contest. He kicked my butt. My older son couldn’t resist. “Who here has a driver’s license?”

I glanced at my 12-year old, then turned to younger son. “Rematch?”

My son smiled and we restarted. A few minutes later. He sat in shock. The old man had won.

It would not be the first time I surprised my kids. For Christmas, my 12-year old son received “Punch-Out,” a Wii boxing game. I asked if I could try it.

“Dad, you wouldn’t have a chance. You can’t beat these characters. You aren’t that good.”

“I’ve never tried it. How will I know if I don’t try?”

“But you don’t know how to play.”

“Well, how about you and me? Mano y mano.”

“Mano what?”

“Against each other.”

My son nodded and set up the game. He showed me to how move the controls. Then we sparred. I KO’d him in the 2nd round.

He finally admitted I might be better than he thought and let me play the game. I got past the first two fighters before I had to call it quits. He got into the next division.

I did face both my sons again, but never matched those early successes. Granted, they’ve practiced more than I have since those match-ups. But they’d also practiced before. It leaves me with one question.

Did they let me win?


Jody Hedlund said...

Cute, Walt. I'm betting they DID let you win! I'm super competitive in games, and I always give the games 100 percent. So if my kids beat me, then they earned it! (Except of course my 4 yo.) I still let her win, because I'm not THAT mean! ;-)

Walt M said...

Thanks, Jody. I'm giving 100%, but I'm just not getting anywhere. Will keep trying.

Wait till your 4-year old turns 5 or 6. She'll be beating you then.