Friday, December 18, 2009

A Little Boy’s Nightmare

My younger son likes to misbehave. At this time of year, my wife often find ourselves reminding the little guy that “Santa is watching him.” The admonition seems to work for awhile. However, he soon engages in what seems to be an all-out effort at being mischievous. It’s such an ongoing event with us that, while shopping at Wal-Mart recently, my wife found a t-shirt with the words, “Dear Santa, I was framed.” She immediately found one in our younger son’s size. Of course, he wears it with pride.

But there is one event in his life that still gets his attention.

One of our Christmas traditions is to place our boys’ Santa gifts next to their bed. My wife buys a nice wrapping paper that she hides in the closet so she won’t use it for anything else. (It wouldn’t do to have Santa using the same paper we do.) We wait till we’re sure the boys are asleep, then we set out their big present from Santa. (Actually I set it out as my wife is asleep. However, as she bought the gift, hid it, and wrapped it in the special paper, it seems to be the least I can do.)

Though we usually spend Christmas at home, one year we went up to North Carolina to visit my family. We spent Christmas Eve at my Dad’s place. My boys stayed up for while, drinking hot chocolate and watching Santa Claus’s approach on the NORAD website. However, my younger son was his usual naughty self. We warned him that we were going to call Santa. He would say he’s sorry, but then revert to his old self a few minutes later.

Finally tired, our boys sacked out on a queen-sized bed in the guest room. When we sure they were out, we set up a platform of pillows on each side and placed their Santa gift on top of each pile.

The next morning, while we were sipping coffee in the kitchen, my younger son came running into the room in tears. “Santa didn’t leave me anything,” he cried. We went into the room and realized what had happened. The gift had fallen off the pillows in the night and the pillows had covered it. He was devastated.

Well, we did the only thing we could do. We fought the urge to bust out laughing. After a few “well, we warned you,” we finally went back into the room and “found” his gift.

Relieved, he was able to enjoy the rest of his Christmas and was soon to back to his naughty, but lovable self, but a little timid at times.

Maybe next year. ;-)


Jody Hedlund said...

That is too cute, Walt!! So, do you still do the Santa gifts, now that the boys are getting older?

Walt M said...

Jody, we still do Santa gifts. My 12-year old knows the truth about Santa, but our younger one still wants to leave trail mix out for the reindeer.