Wednesday, November 18, 2009

The Season in Review…So Far

Back in July and August, I made a series of predictions about the impending season. By this time, I predicted Auburn would be 7-4 in the season.

Part of me is flat-out amazed that I’m right. I wasn’t right last year at this time. But, I have to at least bask in a little bit or smarmy satisfaction.

Yeah, right.

Below is a chart showing how I did. I missed a lot

Week 1: Auburn 37, La. Tech 13. (My prediction: Auburn 24, La. Tech 13). I got La. Tech's score correct.
Week 2: Auburn 49, Miss. St. 24. (My prediction: Auburn 13, Miss. St. 6). Obviously I was still thinking about last season's contest.
Week 3: Auburn 41, West Virginia 30. (My prediction: Auburn 21, West Virginia 26). My first miss, but I was happy about it.
Week 4: Auburn 54, Ball State 30. (My prediction: Auburn 31, Ball State 10). Not unexpected.
Week 5: Auburn 26, Tennessee 22. (My prediction: Auburn 27, Tennessee 21). Couldn't believe how close I was here.
Week 6: Arkansas 44, Auburn 23. (My prediction: Arkansas 16, Auburn 14). Correct outcome, but boy was I off on the score.
Week 7: Kentucky 21, Auburn 14. (My prediction: Auburn 27, Kentucky 7). I never imagined drinking beer after the Kentucky game.
Week 8: LSU 31, Auburn 10. (My prediction: LSU 31, Auburn 30). I had LSU's point total correct. Thought we'd do a little better.
Week 9: Auburn 33, Ole Miss 20. (My prediction: Ole Miss 17, Auburn 13). Happily wrong.
Week 10: Auburn 63, Furman 31. (My prediction: Auburn 38, Furman 7). I didn't expect our subs to do this well.
Week 11: Georgia 31, Auburn 24. (My prediction: Auburn 21, Georgia 15.) Fully expected us to get out from behind the eight ball regarding Georgia's recent dominance.

So, of the first 11 games of the season, I was 7-4 in my picks to go along with the 7-4 record. I was wrong on West Virginia, Kentucky, Ole Miss, and UGA on the winner. My biggest miss was likely the Kentucky game, where I predicted 27-7 Auburn victory. My best effort was he Tennessee game, where I predicted a 27 – 21 Auburn victory (and was only off by two points).

What did I miss, other than the games?

I clearly missed the potential for potency in Auburn’s new offense. I also missed the potential for it to tank.

I also missed the potential for it to be even bigger season. Auburn could have been 9-2 right now, with victories over Kentucky and Georgia, games they blew.

So, with one game left in the season, I look at my prediction and realize that I predicted an Alabama victory of 20-13. This would make Auburn 7-5 on the year.

I hope I’m wrong.


Marley Delarose, Author said...

You're a wizard, Walt. I've been consistently telling people the Saints are winners this year but it took awhile for some people to BELIEVE.

So, this weekend, what's going to happen? I'm taking the Saints and Auburn because I'd like to see Alabama upset. LSU belongs at about number 25!

Walt M said...

I want to see Alabama upset, too. Check out my post tomorrow.