Tuesday, November 24, 2009

The Haircut

“Daddy, I need a haircut.”

The words, coming from my 7-year old, stopped me dead. “You want a what?”

“I want a haircut.”

“Ok,” I said, nodding. Inside, I was happy. My little guy has fought getting a haircut for a number of months. My wife and I have often commented how long his hair is and that he should have it shorn. We tried numerous approaches.

“If you don’t cut your hair, you won’t be able to see. You’ll trip over something.”

“I can see fine. I just move it out of the way.”

During baseball season, he went into a slump. We seized the opportunity.

“You seem to be having trouble batting. Is your hair getting in your eyes?”

“I just shove it under my helmet. I can see fine.”

“That’s a lot of hair, though. Maybe your helmet’s too tight.”

Still, he blew our concerns off and wouldn’t be deterred. My wife, frustrated, demanded that he at least agree to cut his bangs. He pouted and sat still, long enough for my wife to give him a trim. Other than that, nothing.

Finally, we thought we had a solution.

“Tell you what. We’ll let you keep your hair long. You just need a bow.”

“Mom! Dad!” he fumed. “I don’t want a bow.”

“”It’ll be cute,” we countered. “You can borrow a bow from one of your classmates. Your cousin wears a lot of bows in her hair. Maybe she’ll give you one.”

Eventually, given enough teasing, he would storm off. My wife and I would laugh, convinced we were getting to him. However, he was not deterred. Finally, my wife and I agreed to let him keep his hair long as long it didn’t get in his eyes and cause him problems.

So, for this reason, his comment about cutting his hair caught me off guard.

“Really,” I asked. ‘What made you change your mind.”

“Some friends of mine said I look like a girl.”

Ah. Peer pressure. That would do it.

Still, even though he’s decided to get a trim, my wife and I realize that we have another challenge. He’s only seven. Is he already listening to his peers more than us? How do we deal with that?

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