Saturday, November 14, 2009

Auburn - Georgia Postgame Review 2009

When the game started, I was drinking coffee. (Yes, I can drink coffee in the evening and not be bothered by it.) However, after the initial euphoria wore off, I knew I would have to break out the beer.

Ironically, after the first half, I should have felt good.

1) We were leading.
2) We’d only had four penalties called on us in the first half. That’s got to be a record. We’ve had more penalties that that in drives this season.
3) We had a 3-2 ratio in time of possession. Our defense must be rested and ready to go out like out gangbusters in the second half.

Yes, it seemed like we were seeing difficulties.
1) We couldn’t establish a running game
2) Georgia was establishing a pass rush.
3) Georgia started moving the ball.

And in the back of my mind I kept thinking, Auburn was ahead of Kentucky 14-7 and we blew that.

I wonder if that’s what it means to be an Auburn fan sometimes. It seems like we always play games close, where our guts get roiled every game. And then I thought…enough with the introspection. Get back to football.

We opened the third quarter and we looked like crap. Georgia moved the ball on us with relative ease, taking the lead. Finally, Auburn showed some moxie and tied it up. From there we moved into the 4th quarter and Auburn blew it again on a drive where they had Georgia 3rd and long. One time, the ball was tipped and the Georgia player still caught it. And then Neiko Thorpe just got flat out beat.

I gained some happiness from the 99-yard KO return, though I did think Washington let go of the ball too early. I was still troubled as I hadn’t seen Auburn really hold Georgia in the second half. I found myself praying that Auburn wouldn’t blow another 3rd and long. They did, but then Todd threw an interception to kill what had been a good drive. Georgia went on to score and that was it.

So, as I watch Auburn lose to Georgia for the 4th straight time, the question that really troubles me is that Auburn hasn’t beaten Georgia since I moved to Georgia. Do I need to move back to Oregon so Auburn can win again?

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