Friday, October 9, 2009

A Georgia Tech Fan in Auburn Country

New York Times bestselling author Haywood Smith has released her latest book, Ladies of the Lake. Haywood is best known for such contemporary books as The Red Hat Club and Queen Bee of Mimosa Branch. However, the author has also written a number of award-winning historicals.
When asked about the effect college football has had on her life, Haywood responded:

When I was a girl in Atlanta during the fifties, my family of seven rooted for GA Tech, and the family of seven across the street were rabid Auburn fans. Whenever the teams played, the loser had to take the winners to dinner at the Varsity (a big splurge back then.) I still remember watching the games together. It got really tense sometimes (one WAR EAGLE too many), but we always enjoyed the rivalry.

A blurb on her latest book is below. For more information on Haywood and her books, click here.

LADIES OF THE LAKE recounts the adventures of four middle-aged sisters who must spend the entire summer with just each other, completely out of the contexts by which women define ourselves, at the beloved lake of their childhood summers in order to inherit and sell the valuable acreage. Before long, old alliances—and old rivalries—surface. But the sisters get far more than they bargained for, including love in a most unexpected package for one, and two mummified dead bodies—one in a WWI doughboy’s uniform—walled up in the root cellar in great-granddaddy’s masterpiece hand-carved chairs!

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