Friday, October 2, 2009

Georgia Fan Confesses She Once Preferred Pro Football

New York Times bestselling author Dianna Love is back in her second joint project with fellow New York Times bestselling author, Sherrilyn Kenyon. The ladies tell the story of the brave officers at the Bureau of American Defense (aka BAD) in their latest novel, Whispered Lies.

Dianna, who is as great a painter as she is a writer, has many fond memories of her favorite college team, the Georgia Bulldogs. When asked about it, she commented:

I was a major fan of pro football for many years until I met my husband who was a Georgia Bulldog fan. He introduced me to college football and we kept season tickets for many years. I was hooked after sitting in Stanford Stadium the first time and watching a live game. The enthusiasm was a living thing compared to some fairly austere pro games.

A blurb of the book is below. For more information on Dianna's books and to read an excerpt, click here.

Upon receiving a tip on American’s most dangerous enemy – the Fratelli de il Sovrano – BAD agent Carlos Delgado races the clock to uncover a deadly plan that threatens economic chaos in the US just days before the presidential elections. Capturing the infamous electronic snitch known as MIRAGE – Gabrielle Saxe – in a Black Ops net is key to stopping the attack. Gabrielle will gamble her freedom to protect the ones she loves before BAD hands her over to INTERPOL…if she doesn’t escape first.

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Thanks a bunch for the wonderful post. Great seeing you at the writer's conference in Atlanta this weekend - Congrats on the major interest in your books!