Sunday, October 25, 2009

Auburn vs. LSU Post Mortem

I sometimes call my post game reviews a post mortem. Tonight definitely applies. Somewhere tonight, rigor mortis set in.

It’s only the third quarter as I write this, but as it’s 24-0. I’m having trouble breathing. We’ve finally gotten to a play where we have 1st and goal. And the thing that goes through my mind is how difficult it is for spreads to score on a short field. Granted, the way Auburn’s been playing, Auburn’s been having difficulty scoring period. The three and out inside the 10-yard line proved it. Oh well, we did need the field goal.

The game started out bad. Tennessee was unsuccessful in their upset bid at Tuscaloosa.

Then it got worse.

LSU defensive player enters the neutral zone on an Auburn 4th and 1 and causes the Auburn player to flinch. Auburn offsides.

Auburn defensive player enters the neutral zone and causes an LSU player to flinch. Auburn offsides.

Auburn called for several personal fouls. Auburn called for delay of game WHILE ON DEFENSE. It’s gotten so bad, the announcers see a flag and they automatically assume the call will go against Auburn.

The fact that we were down only 17-0 at the half was the amazing thing.

Still, I’m at a loss and am trying to figure out the progression on what’s happening to our football team. The logic is this.

=> Defenses are playing a base defense against us, which takes away the big play.
=> This forces our offense into more three-and-out situations.
=> This keeps our defense on the field longer (even more than would be normal for a spread-style offense).
=> Our lack of defensive depth means our players get winded even more. Consequently, they have trouble stopping teams as the game wears on.
=> So we look like we’re totally outclassed.
This means we know how Alabama felt back in 2007.

However, we also went through this last year and I didn’t want to go through it again.

I’m trying to look for something positive out of this game…out of this streak, but we’re getting beat on all sides of the football. For any of you reading this, I hope you have some suggestions. I’m, like tonight’s game, at a loss.

However, we’re still Auburn. That may not mean much on the football field at the moment. However, it does carry a lot for the experience we had while we were there.

War Eagle anyway! Always and forever!

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