Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Auburn vs. Arkansas Preview

Auburn vs. Arkansas Preview

Does anyone remember what happened last year in the week leading up to last year’s game vs. Arkansas?

If you said Tony Franklin was fired, you were right. I was wondering who might call the plays that weekend. Given that we were looking at the return of Nallsminger, I jokingly speculated that we should find out if Borges was still in town. It turned out to be the most embarrassing half of a season in Auburn history.

Auburn, surprisingly took an early lead and looked like that might win the game. However, Auburn shot itself in the foot so often in the second half, it gave the game away. I blame the poor coaching. However, I just wonder if the defense hadn’t worn itself out. They’d kept us in so many games, but they had nothing left to give.

What a difference a year makes.

This time, Auburn is a 5-0 team and nationally ranked as it faces a 2-2 Arkansas squad that has wins against Texas A&M and Missouri State and losses against Georgia and Alabama. The Georgia game, played at Arkansas, was a high scoring affair and could have gone either way.

And that’s what worries me.

Yes, I know, I’m always worried, but I have history on my side in this argument. Forget the years where Auburn hasn’t had a good team when it faced Arkansas. Most of the time we do fine.

It’s when we seem to be having good years that a game with Arkansas trips us up. In 2006, a 5-0 Auburn team faced Arkansas at home and lost 27-10, blowing our shot at an SEC title. The same happened in 2002 when we lost at home 38-17 and also the previous year 42-17 (though we had a late season slide that ruined us there as well, including that final game against LSU when Damon Duval got into it with the LSU band).

So, I’m justifiably nervous as we head into this weekend. We have a morning game this weekend, and mornings haven’t been kind to us of late. I’m hopeful that a change in coaching staff can get this team playing before its coffee kicks in. (Coach Taylor, I’m depending on you.)

Expect Ryan Mallet to light us up a few times on defense, but I hope Todd gives them even more.

War Eagle!


Anonymous said...

Auburn certainly has a great team this year. I can relate to the nervousness being a SAINTS -yeah, go Saints - fan and with LSU and Ooooooh Floriday playing this weekend. Cant say this around here but unless Teabo sits on the bench, we haven't got a chance. Good luck to you guys. (I'm really a Maryland fan so I'm not being disloyal. Personally, I'd like to see Florida win, lol.)

Walt M said...

Marley, thanks for dropping by. Good luck on this weekend.