Sunday, October 18, 2009

Auburn - Kentucky Postgame (Post-mortem)


It’s the 4th quarter as I write this and it appears we’ve brought back Tommy Tuberville-style football. Instead of winning the games we should win easily, we play to the level of our opponent and go into the 4th quarter fighting for our life. (I knew when I was in Wal-Mart today, I should have bought beer. No, I thought, it’ll be fine.)

But let’s face it.

Offensively, the first half of the Kentucky game, we gained about as much as we did against Arkansas. The only difference is that the defense allowed only 7 points.

With the third quarter, we started running the football better, but we were losing the battle of field position in a major way.

And now in the 4th quarter, we’ve allowed Kentucky to take the lead.

So, I have to ask myself., what the heck is going on? We have started every game sluggish, but we’ve been out of sorts the last two games. I think part of it has to do with the play calling at the outset. We switch up so much in the first few minutes, I don’t think Chris Todd has any chance to settle down and get into a rhythm.

That may be the reason why Auburn outgained Kentucky by only 20 yards through three quarters. If you count the penalty yards Auburn has coughed up, then Kentucky has outgained Auburn. By the 4th quarter, Kentucky had blown us out the water yardage wise.

So, with three minutes left, we have to make up 80 yards…and that’s to tie. All I can think of is that I’ve got early church tomorrow, but that I need to start praying now.

And on 4th and 11, my prayers have now not been answered.

So what do I think?

1) The referees really screwed us. They’re making up stuff it seems like. We’re 3rd and 1 and then we’re 3rd and 11. We’re trying to score earlier in the game and we get three straight 5-yard penalties.
2) Chris Todd is hurt. The way he’s playing, he must have re-injured his shoulder and no one’s saying anything.
3) Are we running out of gas?
4) Are the players getting down on themselves from last week?

We don’t have the luxury of #4. However, next week we have a rested LSU team. Auburn better find its mojo fast, or it could be brutal.

Congrats to Kentucky.

War Eagle anyway!


Anonymous said...

Too bad, Walt. I was rooting for them. And I read Tubberville is leaving. They'll do better next week.

On the other hand our Saints are going hot and heavy as the first half ends! Go Saints.

Walt M said...

They have LSU next week in Baton Rouge. That will be a tough game.