Friday, September 11, 2009

Yellow Daisy Festival

Sometimes, I find things my own. Sometimes, my wife tells me what's going on.

This is definitely one of the latter

This weekend is the 41st Annual Yellow Daisy Festival. The Festival, held at Stone Mountain, is a congregation of 500 arts and crafters from all over the U.S. According to my wife, it's a place of shopping madness for women with lots of activities for kids.

Apparently, there is also a large section of chairs for husbands to sit, relax, and read. Granted, she may have just told me that to assure me I would have something to do. She didn't mention anything about radios (to listen to football games on Saturday), but I can adapt.

The Festival lasts until Sunday and it should be good weather (and not so hot). Click here to be taken to a website for more information.


Jody Hedlund said...

It does sound fun--for a woman! Maybe you can sneak a notebook along and people watch! Great fodder for your novel!

Walt M said...

It would be good fodder, but I'd also like to sneak in a connection to ESPN.