Friday, September 25, 2009

This Weekend in Atlanta

Though it's still September, my wife and I are planning our fall visit to a pumpkin farm. Our pumpkin place of choice has always been Burt's Farm in Dawsonville. However, we realize there are many choices of places to go. You may believe I'm nuts (since most people don't think about pumpkins and Halloween in September), but it is that time and it's best to go early before the good pumpkins are gone.

Click here to be taken to a list of pumpkin farms in the Atlanta area. And, for those willing to drive the distance, I understand there is a wonderful maze in the Chattanooga area (The Enchanted Maze).


Boon said...

I checked the Burt's Farm web site. They grow thousands of pumpkins ranging from 1lb to 150lb. What size of pumpkins are you going to get? The earlier you get pumpkins, the longer time you have for curving. I expect that your boys make very artistic Halloween pumpkin lantern. Please show it in the blog..

Walt M said...

We usually get two small pumpkins that the kids can carry and then we also get a couple of larger ones. That way, we have a family of pumpkins on the porch.