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Saturday, September 5, 2009

Tennessee Grad Proves She Can Write (Very Well)

To celebrate the opening weekend of the college football season, I'd like to announce the new book release of my friend, Kit Wilkinson. Kit, with an undergrad from Virginia and a grad degree from Tennessee, is a fellow college football fanatic with two conferences to follow.

When asked about the opening weekend of the season, Kit commented...

(My husband) and I are just mad that the big Sat game is Alabama vs Va Tech--I couldn't hate two teams any more than those. I hope no one wins! Not sure if they need refs or law enforcement...

Kit's book, Protector's Honor, will be available in stores on September 8th. The back cover blurb is below. If you like it, click here to order.

It’s instinct. When NCIS agent Rory Farrell hears a woman scream, he reacts. But even after he saves her from abduction, Rory can’t get the beautiful and fragile Tabitha Beaumont out of his mind. Especially when he finds a connection between Tabitha and his latest murder investigation. She needs protection—Rory’s protection—while Rory needs answers Tabitha doesn’t even realize she holds. Yet how can he find the truth without betraying Tabitha’s trust? Soon, Rory must decide what matters most—keeping his objective distance, or keeping Tabitha, in his arms and under his protection, forever.


Kit Wilkinson said...

At least Va Tech lost.

Walt M said...

Given the choice, I was rooting for Va. Tech. Oh well.