Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Auburn vs. West Virginia Preview

I’ve missed the first few minutes of both games this year.

I do have a reason. My younger son was involved in a baseball game last weekend and baseball practice the weekend before. I got to the game as soon as I could. In both cases, we had already scored by the time I got home.

The same thing happened last year when we played West Virginia. It was a Thursday night game. Something with work made me late and I missed the start. (Not that I’m complaining. I definitely like having a job, especially in this economy.) As we went up 17-0 (and it should have been 21-0), I got all happy Then, they scored quickly to make a game up of it and followed it with that last second TD at the end of the half to take momentum into the locker room. And though I was still hopeful, much of the air went out of my sails, probably the same way it did for MSU last weekend.

So, it’s time for a little payback, I think.

Forget that, I KNOW. But it won’t be easy.

For starters, facing West Virginia will be like facing Georgia in that we’re facing a team with excellent athletes that just reloaded after losing some key playmakers. (Yes, Georgia is ranked. WVU is not. However, it’s still a valid analogy.) Plus, WVU’s defense has one thing up on both MSU and La. Tech. They’ve faced a spread offense, their own, and know how it works. Our defense has gotten used to a spread offense recently, but is hardly as experienced as WVU’s.

WVU comes into Auburn knowing that we’re upset about last year’s outcome. They come in 2-0 having exacted revenge on East Carolina for a loss last year. They understand repayment. However, hopefully they’re a little spent.

Hopefully, they’re a little smug and thinking it won’t happen to them.

Hopefully, they’re focused on their week off, as they have a bye before a second revenge game against a currently woeful Colorado team. (Yeah, I know it’s a stretch.)

Because I know we’re not. We won’t have any trouble focusing on West Virginia.

I originally predicted Auburn would lose the game. I’m leaning toward changing my mind, but I haven’t yet. West Virginia has played less impressive competition than Auburn in its first two match-ups, but will be impressive in their visit to the Plains. This will go down to the wire and a bloop will make it a sad day for one team’s fans. I just hope it’s the home team that comes out on top.

War Eagle.

P.S. Thank to all the WVU fans who are visiting this blog and leaving comments. You're always welcome here.

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