Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Auburn vs Mississippi State: Preview

Week 2: Auburn vs. Mississippi State

Because of this year’s season, it will almost be a year ago to the day (one day off).

A year ago to the day that Auburn was involved in one of the oddest finishes I can remember. A 3-2 victory over Mississippi State. It was a defensive struggle of epic proportions.

Actually, it was an offensive struggle. Both team’s offenses really stunk up Starkville.

If last weekend is any indication, that won’t be the case this year. Auburn put up 37 points on a team with an outside shot at the WAC crown. Miss. St. played Jax. St. (one of those FCS teams that sort of irritates the Pro St.) and won that one handily 45-7. It was more points scored by an MSU team than had ever been scored under Sylvester’s Croom’s tenure. It could have been worse, but MSU’s top RB sat out a one-game suspension.

So what does it all mean for this week.

Honestly, nobody knows.

According to preseason prognostications, Auburn and MSU were going to fight for the bottom of the SEC West. Most of the preseason pollsters had us at 5th and MSU at 6th, with the exception of SI who had the teams reversed. (One magazine did have Auburn as high as 4th, but I can’t remember the name of that one.) We can assume that in a match-up of opponents that La. Tech would beat Jax. State. However, if La. Tech is not as good as people think, then this week could be the first serious competition that either team has faced.

If so, then the entire weekend could be a shock for both teams. Both teams will learn a little but about themselves. And both teams will learn about the chances they have for a successful season.

The series record currently stands in Auburn’s favor at 54-25-3. Auburn will make it 55 wins.

War Eagle!

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