Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Auburn vs. Louisiana Tech

Let’s face it. Admit it to yourself as confession is supposedly good for the soul.

This is the scariest game of the season.

We, the Auburn faithful, have endured a lot in the last few months. We’ve endured the ridicule of losing five of our last six games last season. We’ve endured the end of the streak over Alabama in what definitely went down in an ignominious fashion. We’ve endured the scorn of hiring a coach that went 5-19 over the last two seasons.

But now the wait is over. We get to talk where we always should…on the field.

But with the installation of new offensive and defensive schemes and given college football’s requirement to always test under battlefield conditions, we have no idea what will happen. And it scares us.

When Tuberville started with Auburn, Auburn dropped an opening match-up with FSU in favor of a tune—up game with Appalachian State. And though the Tuberville years led to great years, it showed how far we had fallen from being SEC runner up in game we had no business losing to two years later cheering madly as we beat App State 15-14 on a late 4th quarter drive. And now we start a new era following our once per decade house cleansing.

Auburn opens the season against The Louisiana Tech Bulldogs. Against La. Tech, Auburn has a 10-0-1 record, dating back to 1941. The lone tie a 13-13 contest in 1948. Auburn play La. Tech four times in the 40’s, but the didn’t see then again until 1989. The most exciting contest was likely in 2001, a 48-41 shootout that did see a pick six by Louisiana Tech called back. (I remember listening to that game on the Net. I’m still amazed we won it.) Our last contest was a 52-7 shellacking in 2004.

So what does La Tech have.
1) They were 8-5 last year.
2) 16 returning starters
3) a proven coach
4) a chance at the WAC crown (and before you say that particular conference is WAC-ky, remember that WAC does have good teams.)

In other words, they have a chance.

La. Tech will gel this year and definitely do some damage to teams. However, Auburn’s saving grace may be that they get them first. La. Tech’s other SEC foe, LSU, probably won’t be as lucky.

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