Sunday, September 6, 2009

Auburn vs. Louisiana Tech: Postgame

Before I forget, a big thanks to my brother-in-law, Barry, for lending me his XM radio so I could listen to the game.

I’m not one for conspiracy theories. However, when the Auburn broadcast team mentioned that Back Judge Mike Washington had called pass interference on Auburn on an uncatchable pass and then just watched as an Auburn receiver had his clock cleaned by a La. Tech defender (and then no flag), I thought to myself, “I’ve heard that name before.”

Then it hit me. Alabama had a defensive end in the 70s named Mike Washington. It’s not like I know Alabama players from that long ago normally. However, like all Auburn fans my age, I’ve listened to the recording of the 4th quarter broadcast of the Punt Bama Punt game so many times I know all the words. Could it be the same person? Hopefully it wouldn’t matter, as the game was tight and Auburn seemed to be shooting itself in the foot with penalties. When La. Tech tied it at 10 late in the second quarter, I inhaled softly and felt thankful we weren’t finishing the first half behind.

Then the team put together a two-play drive with a 54-yard field goal. Just like that we were ahead. I realized things had changed. Auburn was trying to win.

A couple of years ago when we were playing South Florida. Auburn had a minute to go in the game with a tie score and chose to go to overtime. Auburn lost that game and with it, I thought, a team.

With this decision, Auburn went to the locker room with momentum and came out with the same. It drove the team to victory.

Granted, a few actions at the end of a half do not a change instill. Penalties and turnovers made this game close. I did not breathe easy until we were up three scores in the 4th quarter. And part of me held some fear in reserve.

However, Auburn faced a team that could challenge for the WAC crown, a team that will produce a winning record before the season is over, a team that returned its entire offensive line from the previous year and an experienced QB.

And Auburn won.

Next week, we have Mississippi State.

War Eagle!

Readers, let me know your thoughts on the game.


Whit said...

Is that the same Mike Washington??? Had to be up there with one of the worst PI calls I have ever seen called in a game...

Enough of the negative stuff...

There is no doubt that Tuberville would have let the first half clock run out... NONE.

It was nice to see some actually halftime adjustments being made.. It was also nice to see us throwing the ball, late in the game, to maintain possession and keep scoring.

Walt M said...

Whit, I like that halftime adjustments were made, too. That's something else we've lacked of late.

Thanks for dropping by. Hope you stop by again soon.