Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Week 4: Auburn vs. Ball State

Note to Reader: This is a pre-season prediction made in July. If you found this information the week of the game, please note that my actual game preview will be posted on Wednesday. Please click on the Blog Archive 2009 heading to be taken to the weekly preview or postgame.

After a disappointing loss to WVU, Auburn will come out and take revenge against Ball State. Expect the score to decent, the fans to be happy, and the Ball State fans to enjoy meeting some friendly people.

Score Prediction: Auburn: 31, Ball State: 10
Record Prediction: 3-1


Anonymous said...

well I really hate to burst your bubble but we beat West Virginia. Weren't expecting that one were you?? Yeah, Auburn is a lot better than espn gives them credit for, and we are still going to kill Ball State, going to Tennessee 4-0.

Walt M said...

You didn't burst my bubble. I was hoping Auburn would win. However, looking to the season back in July, my prediction was that WVU would take it. Instead, let me askyou a question. How do I get to readers to realize these are PRE-SEASON comments.

WDE said...

You can't get them to understand. There's something about college football fans, they seem to be RETARTED! I love football at every level, from 5 year olds to NFL, but the people not on the field are always the ones that seem to screw things up. From parents that think their little water head is better than someone else's to stupid NFL fans that can't even act mature enough to watch the game. It's crazy, without the fans football is nothing, but with the fans it ridiculous! Anyhow, WAR DAMN EAGLE!!!

Walt M said...


Thanks for dropping by. Hopefully, the team and fans will be focused this week

WDE said...

Well they eventually got focused, but that initial punt after the defence held them to 3 & out, then muffed it- wow, i couldn't believe we let them draw first blood, but how bout that offencive attack in the 2nd quarter? Now that was an explosive offence that the Vols are gonna have a time with if we can hit on all cylinders for 4 quarters this week. But if they start off like they did with Ball State, it could be a long night for Coach Trooper and the boys. I know we have the talent to win in Knoxville, at night, but will we do it? WAR DAMN EAGLE!

Walt M said...

WDE, I hope we hit on all cylinders this weekend. We'll need it.