Monday, July 20, 2009

Week 3: Auburn vs. West Virginia

Auburn opened last year’s game like gangbusters and had fans cheering everywhere. Then they went in the tank in an inexplicable second half that had people wondering what in the world they were doing. We totally changed strategy and shifted from an offense that was working to an offense that West Virginia practices against.

I expect there will be more focus this year than last year. However, WVU, even with a new QB, has a shot at the Big East Championship, while Auburn will struggle. Expect the home field to give Auburn some advantage, but not enough.

Score Prediction: West Virginia: 26, Auburn: 21.
Record Prediction: 2-1

Note to Reader: If you searched for this information the week of the game, click on the Blog Archive 2009 heading to be taken to the weekly preview or postgame.


GEORGE said...

WVU has more talent then last year. If they don't make stupid mistates they should in this game!

Walt M said...

I'm thinking Auburn has a decent shot now, though I don't know if I've changed my tune on who will win the game.

Thanks for dropping by. Please check out my post on Wednesday when I review the game.

Kevin said...

Walt...i'm a Mountaineer fan..let me give you the facts..WV.has a very shaky O-line,the Defense is young and leaves the field open to the pass...if Auburn passes early against the young secondary of WV.they will score..wv. will then rush,this will leave the screen and Auburn will score more...i'm guessing because Brown,Devine and Jock Sanders.WV. has a small chance .AUBURN 42 WV 35...

Walt M said...


I hope you're right. However, WVU brings a lot more experience against the spread than Auburn has. I think it will be a close game, one that WVU is up for.

Thanks for visiting.

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