Monday, July 13, 2009

Auburn 2009 Football Preview

Well, if you’ve seen the prognostications, you can’t be happy (if you’re an Auburn fan, that is. The rest of the division is probably enjoying it.) Auburn is basically picked to finish 5th in the Western Division, the lowest it has done since…well, since last year. It’s not total doom and gloom. One publication did pick us to finish 4th, ahead of Arkansas in the Division. (Should be an interesting game. I can already see the headline. A former Auburn OC meets a former Auburn DC. )

So, what have we got to look forward to this year?

1) Mississippi State is still supposed to be worse, though they are probably smarting from losing 3-2 last year and definitely won’t be a cakewalk.
2) Tennessee is still Tennessee.
3) Matthew Stafford has left for the pros.
4) We have a fun non-conference schedule, featuring West Virginia and Louisiana Tech.
5) A down-to-the-wire match with LSU. (Always the same story, just a different year.)
6) We have receivers.

That last comment can’t be emphasized enough. Our success in 2004 and 2005 did hinge primarily on having big play receivers, something we’ve lacked the last three years.

And lastly, of course, it’s football season. My initial thoughts…we’re not going to go undefeated. But, to paraphrase Auburn’s favorite announcer, Lee Corso, it’s gonna be better than the experts think.

Through the next few weeks, I’ll be giving my predictions on each game. I’ll put my thoughts (and my score out there) for comments and I’ll hope you’ll drop by to see the picks and then see my game week reviews (and occasional post mortems)

War Eagle!

And let’s play some football.

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