Friday, December 5, 2008

Tommy Tuberville meets Barack Obama

For those of you visiting here because Googled the name of the President-elect Obama, welcome. In the event that you don’t know who Tommy Tuberville is, either because you
1) live in a bubble, or
2) don’t live in a bubble, but don’t care about college football,
Tuberville is the former coach of the Auburn Tigers football team.

For those of you that do love college football, welcome as well, whether you love the SEC or think it’s full of itself, welcome as well.

I’ll start with the Presidential race. Some of us may not remember back in September. After the Republican convention, McCain led in all the polls and looked to be on course to becoming the 44th President of the United States.

Then the stock market tanked and the economic news changed. Some would say that the signs were already there and that the rest of the America finally woke up in September. Some would say McCain just ran a poor campaign (agreed). Whatever the reason, Barack Obama took the lead over McCain and never looked back.

And so it was this September for Auburn’s football season. Auburn finished September with a 4-1 record and should have won the one game they lost. However, it was still apparent that Auburn was getting by on a defense considered fundamentally sound while the cracks in the offensive armor that was anything but Teflon showed that Auburn, like the economy, was just getting by.

And so it was that Auburn went into October and totally tanked. The checks the offense asked the defense to cash in September came back as NSF in October, when the defense had nothing left in the reserve account to cover the overdrafts of the offense. A promising season spiraled and the power brokers in the Auburn’s version of the House, Senate, and its lobbyists demanded change.

And so it was that Tuberville “resigned.” Let’s face it. Who among us buys that statement? Is resignation the word used because it’s one of those internal family embarrassments that family members never mention in the hopes that it will go away?

Tuberville was forced out, else they wouldn’t be paying him $5.1 million dollars. The man with one of the five best records in college football over the last ten years, coaching in the toughest conference in the nation, left...forced out by people with more money than brains. The forces within Auburn demanded change, and like the Presidential election, threw lots of money at it.

And both Auburn and the country face the same issue, no one involved has a clue what they just bought.

As an American, I wish the President-elect well and hope that he and his advisors will implement policies that improve this Country. Obama wasn’t my choice on Election Day, but on January 20, 2009, he will be my President.

As an Auburn graduate, I hope that the next coach will be a success and will usher in more championships for Auburn. Firing Coach Tuberville wasn’t my choice and I disagree with it vehemently. In my opinion, it was a choice made by AD Jay Jacobs and alumnus Bobby Lowder, Auburn’s version of Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid.

So, now that the change has been made for the sake of change and not reason, I ask that we, to paraphrase the President-elect, try to change the trajectory of what has been de rigueur at Auburn. Bring in someone that can bring fundamental change.

I vote Charlie Strong. Auburn is not a place for a first-time coach, but the man knows the SEC. He does not have a reputation for good recruiting skills, but he supposedly gets the best out of his players and he very deserving. Whomever is chosen, though, he will be my team’s coach.

War Eagle!

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