Friday, December 19, 2008

Nancy Pelosi (aka Jay Jacobs) Must Go

A day after Chizik was announced, a poll appeared on asking how you felt about it (the coaching change) now that you’d had a chance to sleep on it. Admittedly, it’s taken me longer than that.

However, with a week in the rearview mirror and a realization that it wasn’t a cruel joke perpetrated by some other world universe that we stepped into, I’d like to say the following.

I support Auburn University, my alma mater and former home of four years
I support Coach Chizik and his efforts to lead Auburn.
I support the team and their efforts at all times and regardless of the outcome.

However, this was the stupidest move the athletic department has made since making the decision to refer to Birmingham as a neutral site. I had an easier time realizing Obama was our next President.

But at least in the case of Obama, the nation made its decision and we had a vote on it. In the case of the Auburn’s head coach, the power brokers toppled Tuberville and replaced him with Chizik. (No, I do not believe the resignation story, even with the letter, given the amount of money that changed hands.) No vote. Just a coup d’etat that was portrayed as a democratic decision.

Chizik seems to be saying the right things. I do like the idea of getting assistant coaches that played at Auburn and made Auburn a winner when they were players. However, Turner Gill apparently had the same idea. Why didn’t it work for him? Why didn’t it work for a coach who took a team from worst in Division I-A to a conference championship in three years?

Jay Gogue has since come out and said that he alone decided on Chizik. If that’s true, then he is the Harry Reid of Auburn and not Bobby Lowder, but I don’t know if makes a difference. Either way, this was a bonehead decision born of arrogance and misinformation.

If Tuberville did resign, then Jacobs needs to show that he can do the same thing. He’s not doing Auburn any good. Under Jacob’s leadership, our sports programs seem to be headed in the wrong direction.

From Jacobs’ perspective, that means he thinks he deserves a pay raise.

Mr. Jacbos, do us all a favor. Follow Tuberville out the door.

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