Sunday, November 23, 2008

A Tradition Continues

Our first Christmas season in Atlanta (2006), we took out boys to The Polar Express in western North Carolina. Last Christmas, we took the boys to Stone Mountain for a Stone Mountain Christmas. We allowed Christopher to go The Polar Express with friends, but kept Andrew at home. (He knew he was growing out of it.) This year, we chose just to do Stone Mountain. This year, like last year, we had a great time. And we were blessed to have family with us. My wife’s parents were in town from southern California. Both my sisters and their families, as well as her an aunt and her husband, joined us as well. And it was good to have everyone.

The bigger the crowd, the more the body heat…and we needed it.

It was cold!

We had a wonderful time. We caught the Polar Express attraction and the parade. The kids enjoyed both. From there, we had dinner, which we had brought ourselves. We brought our meals, as last year was so crowded we had trouble getting something to eat. We needn’t have bothered, as the weather seemed to keep away the crowd. Last year’s 90-minute wait would have been a quick sitdown this evening.

After dinner, we got in line to catch the train around the park. By this time, we were chilled completely through. There were four passenger cars on the train, but three of them were open air. As the crowd seemed to all head to the covered wagon, we knew we wouldn’t have a shot by the time we hit the turnstiles. (Yes, I know there are no turnstiles at Stone Mountain. I’m just speaking figuratively.) Luckily, my wife brought blankets. They were for us to sit on at the laser show, but we pulled them out to keep ourselves warm. The ride was enjoyable, at least when we weren’t shivering.

And of course, it’s Stone Mountain, which means nothing’s complete without a laser show. Then we called it a night, as our bones started creaking as slowly as a glacier and we couldn’t wait to find out if global warming was actually going to melt us or not.

There was more to do and we’ll be back again next year. However, if it’s cold like tonight, we hope Stone Mountain will have a second covered train.

The attraction lasts through December 30th. If you buy your tickets at Kroger, you can get three dollars off per ticket. There are special deals for groups of 15 or more.

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