Sunday, November 9, 2008

Auburn vs. Tennessee-Martin Wrap-Up

I’m glad I only listened to yesterday’s game on radio. When UT-Martin tied it as 20-all in the third quarter, I would have been hurling epithets in public. If watching on TV, I would have been hurling my coffee at the screen. As it was, I just wanted to hurl. Auburn was struggling to stop a Division II school and was looking more pathetic by the minute. However, that early third quarter TD by UT-M was the last score, as Auburn won 37-20 and gave up at the end to avoid scoring more.

So, is there anything to take from this week’s game?

1) We won, something we haven’t done since September, and evened our record at 5-5.

2) John Vaughn seems to have regained some of his abilities. Vaughn nailed two 40+ field goals in the second quarter, something we haven’t seen much of this year. Had Vaughn maintained this ability throughout the season, we would have probably beaten both Arkansas and Vandy and still had an outside shot at the SEC West crown (though our shot would have depended on Sly Croom making it three in a row).

3) Most of the players were second and third string, as the coaches chose to sit down a number of first-string players, particularly on defense. Auburn’s current defense resembles the Braves pitching staff, a banged-up M*A*S*H unit trying to cobble together innings (quarters). The good news is that these players will be back next week for Georgia. We’ll need them.

4) Kodi continues to improve.

5) I’m open to suggestions on this one.

We have two more games left in the regular season. We won’t be favored in either of them. However, I’m hopeful that we will come away with a win: one, at least, if not two. And, if Alabama fans try to elicit any grief, calmly remind them that in Tuberville’s second year, Auburn made it to the SEC Championship game, only to get blown out by Florida. The same fate awaits them.

War Eagle!!

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