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Thursday, November 6, 2008

Auburn vs. Tennessee-Martin Preview

Auburn plays a ranked team this weekend…for homecoming.

Normally, you don’t like to schedule ranked teams for homecoming. During the famous ’83 season when Auburn went 11-1, defeating eight Top 25 teams in 12 games (and losing to one, Texas, early in the season), Auburn played then #6 Maryland for homecoming. They had to sandwich between a home game against Florida and an away game at Georgia, two other Top 10 teams. Auburn may be the only team to face three Top Ten teams in three straight weeks and win all three games.

But back to focusing on our upcoming game…

Tennessee-Martin, out of the Ohio Valley Conference, is the #20 FCS team in the nation. For those of you unfamiliar with FCS, that’s what we used to call Division I-AA. UTM is 5-1 this season and 7-2 overall. The Skyhawks lost their opener 56-7 to South Florida and then lost their homecoming to division rival Tennessee State in overtime. Tennessee State apparently got mad for being scheduled as the homecoming opponent.

But back to focusing on our upcoming game…

Auburn, with losses in four straight games and five of their last six, rolled Toomer’s Corner on election night. It had been so long since the last time, the toilet paper left from the Tennessee game had already disintegrated. If Auburn wins this weekend, will we roll Toomer’s because of a victory over a Division I-AA school? It would hearken back to Tuberville’s first game, when Auburn needed a 4th quarter TD to beat an Appalachian State team that was nowhere near then what it is now.

But back to focusing on our upcoming game…

After the Ole Miss loss, Tuberville called out the offensive line for its ineffectiveness. In the spread, it seems the o-line didn’t understand the blocking schemes. Now, it seems like they’ve forgotten how to block…period.

But back to focusing on our upcoming game…

Auburn’s defense is riddled with injuries. We’re starting true freshman on the defensive side of the ball and some of our top players are done, possibly for the year. Do we have the horses to hold up against any team, let alone any of our November opponents.

But back to focusing on our upcoming game…

This season has been such a bust, that even in this economy, it might be worth it for Bobby Lowder to sell a lot of his Colonial Bank stock and buy out Tuberville’s contract, taking the lower capital gains rate of 2008 vs. the higher expected capital gains rate of 2009, if he has capital gains at all. (Granted, this fact could have been part of the reason for rolling Toomer’s after the election.

But back to focusing on our upcoming game…

And this is a problem. As I’ve tried to show in this post, there are many distractions surrounding the program. And it takes us away from what we need to do: concentrate on playing football.

Let’s play!

War Eagle!!!!


Scott Fillmer said...

Thank goodness we won yesterday, it would have been ugly had we not, but it still didn't feel like a real romp against a soft homecoming scheduled team. At least it was a "W".

Walt Mussell said...

Yes, it was a "W." Hopefully, there's a little more though.

Scott, thanks for dropping by. Hope you'll come back soon.