Saturday, November 29, 2008

Auburn vs. Alabama Wrap-Up 2008

If there is one play that sums up Auburn’s season, it was the end of the first half. An Auburn kicker making his first ever field goal attempt in a football game nails a 40-yarder, only to have it nullified because of a CS, but admittedly legal, time-out by Saban. It has gone that way this season.

Alabama scored its first half TD because the special teams played soft on the punt, giving Alabama excellent field position. Soft defensive play let Alabama convert third and long. A missed defensive assignment led to the long run for a TD.

And then there’s the second half. What looks like it could have been a pick-6 for Auburn is dropped. Auburn gets the ball back and promptly fumbles, which was turned into six the other way, a huge swing in points.

From there, we blocked the extra point and another Alabama team with 16 points flashed in my head.

At least until the second fumble. After that, I think the dagger was officially planted in my heart and the game got as ugly as the two hound’s-tooth hat wearing platinum blonde chicks that the TV guys seem to like. However, when your kicker gets run into and can’t get a roughing call, you know it’s not your day.

However, congrats to Alabama. You played well.

For Auburn fans, the season is mercifully over. We have to look forward to next year.

War Eagle anyway! I still love my Auburn Tigers!

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Jerry said...

It was all so sad, and over so fast. After that LSU game, tsk tsk. The LSU game very clearly showed AU weaknesses. Hope they work on it.