Friday, November 14, 2008

Auburn- Georgia Preview: Shades of Georgia 2006

A friend of mine at work IM’d me about a straight-up bet on this weekend’s Auburn-Georgia game. While I appreciate a friendly bet, my friend wanted to put lunch at a sushi restaurant on the line. I asked him how many points I was getting.

My friend jokingly seemed insulted saying that his team’s defense sucks. I responded by saying that Auburn’s offense was worse and our defense was on crutches and playing third stringers. We settled on Starbuck’s.

However, with the odds against us (we’re 8-point underdogs and playing at home), I wonder if Georgia isn’t a possibility for a season turnaround. It was two years ago when the Dawgs came into Jordan-Hare as a 6-4 team and fans wondering if they even had a shot against Auburn. Brandon Cox had his worst game of the year, throwing four picks and completing only four passes all day. Auburn got stomped 37-15 and I don’t think the game was really that close. Georgia finished with wins over Georgia Tech and in the Peach Bowl over Virginia Tech and to a hugely successful 2007.

And so we renew the 112th meeting of Auburn-Georgia; the game known as the oldest rivalry in the South; the game that gave legend to the creation of War Eagle, the game that feels like, given the history of the two school, your scrimmaging your cousin’s family in the backyard at Thanksgiving more than meeting a hated rival in battle. The current record between Auburn and Georgia is 53-50-8. The points differential is 45 in UGA’a favor with the lead having come all in the last two years. Hopefully, we can begin to make up some of that deficit. Maybe Kodi Burns will have his Matthew Stafford first defining moment against a team that’s heavily favored to win.

War Eagle!

P.S. I have no news on the rumor that Tuberville may be the next head coach at Clemson.

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