Sunday, November 16, 2008

Auburn – Georgia 2008 Wrap Up

For those of you that read my preview, you know that I owe a friend of mine Starbuck’s for Auburn’s loss this past weekend. However, it was a close game, when many didn’t give us a chance. We were close at the end. But like many game this year, we couldn’t get it done.

I could cite some of the curious (let’s say BAD) interference and lack of interference calls on Georgia’s go ahead drive and as well as the ones we didn’t get on our final drive. (Yes, I know there was one call we did get. Small gift. Why did the refs even bother?) I know that SEC coaches send a film of blown calls to the SEC ref coordinator every week. Tuberville has a lot to choose from.

However, special teams cost us this game. Without that botched extra point. We’d have been within a field goal. We could have tied it with the next to last drive or the last drive. The damage we did to ourselves against Vandy, Arkansas, and LSU came back to haunt us again here.

Still, it was close, and for that I was proud, though luck has not been on our side. I remember back in 1982. Auburn lost a tough, close one to Georgia. After the game was over, the team was in locker room when they heard the Auburn student section still as loud as ever, despite the game having ended over 10 minutes prior.

“It’s great…to be…an Auburn Tiger!”

“I said ‘It’s great…to be…an Auburn Tiger!’”

“I said ‘It’s great…to be…an Auburn Tiger!’”

That team went out and upset Alabama the following week, ending a nine-year domination. Nothing has gone Auburn’s way this season. It’s finally time something did.

“It’s great…to be…an Auburn Tiger!”

War Eagle!

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Jason said...

Good luck against the Tide. AU's defense has the ability to keep the game close, and perhaps the offensive line can allow Fannin to have a big game.

The other thing in AU's favor: The person who coined the phrase "win-loss records go out the window" certainly had the iron bowl in mind.