Sunday, October 26, 2008

Mommy Does It Better: A Cooking Story

“What do you want for lunch, Christopher?” I asked yesterday.

“Macaroni and cheese,” he said.

“Macaroni and cheese what?”

“Macaroni and cheese with the real fake cheese.”

“OK. It’ll be the real fake cheese, but what else. Macaroni and cheese, what?”

“Oh,” he answered. “Macaroni and cheese, please!”

I searched the pantry for the blue box of Kraft M&C. Christopher called it the “real fake cheese” due to cheese packet inside. As I put the pan of water on the stove, Christopher commented, “Not you, Daddy. I want Mommy to make it.”


“Yeah, Mommy makes it better than you.”

I admit my wife is a better cook and that I’m the house sous chef (apprentice chef). However, even my wife was surprised by this comment. She chimed in, ‘Christopher, it’s just mac-and-cheese. Daddy makes it fine.”

“No, Mommy. It tastes better when you make it,” he said.

Perplexed, I still proceeded to make Christopher his lunch. I boiled the water and allowed Christopher to pour in the macaroni. I drained the macaroni after it had boiled sufficiently and returned it to the pan. I grabbed the margarine and 2% milk from the fridge when my wife commented, “I know it says margarine, but I use butter.’

Ah, mystery solved. My wife’s secret ingredient is substituting the creaminess of milk for the lighter taste of vegetable oil.

I cut four tablespoons of butter, grabbed a small measure of milk, and then allowed Christopher to add them and the fake cheese to the drained macaroni in the saucepan. He mixed it up. I prepared a bowl with his mac-and-cheese.

“So what do you think, Christopher?” my wife asked. “Is Dad’s as good as mine?”

“No, Mommy. Yours still tastes better.”

Darn it! Still house sous chef when it comes to macaroni!


Mo said...

Christopher doesn't like his aunt Jeanne's recipe either because she uses REAL cheese!!!!

Mo said...


Anne Barton said...

Walt, have you tried single-serving, microwavable "Easy Mac?" It's ready in 3 min. and all you have to do is add water and fake cheese. If your kids give points for speediness, it could be your chance to take top chef honors! :)

Lisa Dunster Moeller said...

This story cracked me up. As kids my mom did everything she could to make us mac and cheese the way Grandma made it. She would go way out of her way, making creamy white sauces with cheese, trying every recipe she could get her hands on...doing everything but asking her mother-in-law her secret. No matter what she tried, my brother, my dad and I would say something like, "it's good, but not as good as Grandma's." She finally broke down and asked her the secret. I thought Grandma would pee her pants laughing. The big secret...cook the macaroni, pour some milk and butter in and grate cheddar cheese over top...stir it all in the baking dish, throw on a little more cheese for good measure and bake. Some secret. I think sometimes you just can't win. ;)

Boon said...

Walt, don’t be disappointed. Christopher will be a good cook or a good sommelier as he has a delicate taste and can distinguish the little difference.
I use "Boon" as my handle name. (by Yoshi)

Boon said...


(by Naomi)