Sunday, October 5, 2008

Auburn vs. Vandy: Wrap Up: This Mystery of the Back-Up QB

I …am…at…a…loss!

Why, after six games, does QB Todd have even less zip on the ball?
Why, after six games, does Auburn’s offense still look anemic?
Why, after six games, are we producing less and less yards?

It’s only early October, but this is elaborate trick-or-treat.

Our defense and special teams didn’t score their one TD per game.
Our defense, #1 in the nation on third down conversions, showed cracks that hadn’t existed before.
Our defense couldn’t cover the overdrafts our offense kept writing.

Tonight it bit our season.

What was the reason? Was it breaks not going our way?

On the missed PAT, we didn’t get the bounce.
On the late fumble by Vandy’s QB, we didn’t get the bounce.
On Vandy’s last punt, we didn’t get the bounce

And it signaled the end of any scant title hopes.

Congratulations to the Vanderbilt Commodores. You won. We lost. For the second time this year, we knocked out a team’s first strong QB, only to have the back-up perform like Kerri Strug with one vault to go.

And I am at a loss to explain why?

I’ll even accept the fact that, on the occasion of our four wins, I wore the same Auburn shirt. On the day of our two losses, I didn’t wear it. But I’m beyond believing my karma has any effect on a game’s outcome.

Unfortunately, I’m starting to believe that this can’t be righted this season.

Does anyone know?


Anonymous said...

VANDERBILT: Do What It Takes.

Jerry said...

I feel the exact same way! What is wrong witht he QB???