Thursday, October 30, 2008

Auburn vs. Ole Miss Preview: Green Day had it wrong

Pardon the late post for this week’s preview. I’ve been caught up in the political campaigns. I wonder about all the name-calling going back and forth between the two candidates and wonder if it’s as bad as it used to be. Andrew Jackson once called John Quincy Adams a pimp and Adams referred to Jackson’s wife as a slut and the country went on. Name-calling seems pervasive. (In the Adams, Sr. – Jefferson match-up, Jefferson questioned Adams’ gender, saying that he was neither man nor woman. Adams responded, saying that there would be house burning and the violation of the chastity of our nation’s daughters.) I did remember that we have a game this weekend. I just forgot what day it was.

This weekend, Auburn travels to Oxford to take on Ole Miss. Kickoff is 12:30 p.m. EST. The record between the two schools is 24-8. (The record during the Tuberville era is 7-2.) Auburn first played Ole Miss in October 1928. It lost 19-0. Auburn played Ole Miss six times over the next four decades, dropping four of them.

Then I was born. ;-)

Since my birth, Auburn has gone 22-3 against Ole Miss, often favored to win. Shug didn’t lose after my birth. Oddly, Barfeld and Tater Tot never dropped a game to Ole Miss. Dye lost his final meeting against Ole Miss. Tuberville has lost twice, making him (I think) the only coach to lose more than one game to Ole Miss.

However, the general perception is that Auburn will drop another one. is predicting an Ole Miss victory this Saturday, the first time they’ve bet against Auburn all year (ignoring the spread). Ole Miss, like Auburn, has a 4-4 record, with a victory last week over Arkansas and a win at Florida earlier this season. They have an excellent QB in Snead who is coming into his own. In addition, they have an exceptional motivator in 1st year coach, Houston Nutt, whose teams gave Auburn fits when Nutt coached at Arkansas.

Expand more of the same fits in Oxford. However, I have to disagree with College Football News. Auburn’s back is against the wall. With four games remaining, we have to win two to become bowl eligible. Even that, though, won’t guarantee us a postseason game. I’m assuming will beat UT-Martin next week. That means we have to pull out at least one more victory from the remaining three games: Ole Miss, Georgia, and Alabama. I think we’ll pull two out of three minimum, and it starts with Ole Miss.

The best thing I can say about this game is the band Green Day had it wrong. Green Day, has a song titled, ‘Wake Me Up When September Ends.” The date for this game is November 1st. What may be the worst month in Auburn history is over. And Auburn fans would have been glad to have slept through it. We only played three games, but it feels like we went through hell. Hopefully, this team will wake up and establish a beautiful November worth singing about.

War Eagle!


Dr. Darrell D. Barnes said...

Nice reflections. As an Ole Miss fan, I have almost always dreaded the matchup between the Rebels and the Tigers. Today, I look forward to it. I think the Rebels are up to taking the War Eagles. I hope you are wrong in your prediction of an Auburn win.

Dr. Darrell D. Barnes
Southaven, MS

Walt Mussell said...

Dr. Barnes,

You had a better day yesterday than I did. Congrats on the win. Ole Miss deserved it.

Thanks for dropping by. Hope you'll come back soon.