Wednesday, September 10, 2008

September 13: Auburn vs. Mississippi State

History is not on our side!

I don’t mean that we don’t lead the overall series. Auburn first played Mississippi State on October 27, 1905. The final score was 18-0. I t was the first of ten straight wins over MSU. The Bulldogs finally took their first victory in 1927 and followed it with two more. Auburn then won three straight before the series first tie in 1940. Then MSU took seven straight. The series record currently stands at 53-25-3. (Yes, in Auburn’s favor.)

Nevertheless, when I say that history doesn’t favor us, I refer to the way MSU normally wins: in spurts. There’s little back and forth in this series. Auburn runs off several. Then MSU. Then Auburn again. The only exception is below

1960: Auburn 23, MSU 12
1961: MSU 11, Auburn 10
1962: Auburn 9, MSU 3
1963: MSU 13, Auburn 10
1964: Auburn 12, MSU 3

Gotta love the days of the old defensive-style football. The games were close. Still, MSU, like a Lays potato chip, never has just one.

They’ll have only one this time around.

MSU comes into the contest 1-1, having dropped its opening day contest to LA Tech and then defeating SE Louisiana. Auburn comes into Starkville 2-0 with revenge on their mind for last season’s 19-14 loss, a game plagued with five turnovers, two of them (if I remember correctly) deep in MSU territory. We also had Kodi Burns playing his first start, an MSU punt late in the game that flipped the field, and probably the one time I remember in three years where Brandon Cox was unable to drive us down the field to get us what we needed at the end of a game. (Yes, I know we lost at LSU twice in Cox’s career, but it wasn’t the fault of Cox’s play.)

Auburn is mad and Auburn is good. With last year’s loss to MSU still fresh, Auburn will be focused and not looking ahead to LSU next weekend. MSU has some of the best “big uglies” in the business year-in and year-out. However, look for Todd to lead several drives in the first half and Kodi to get significant time in the second half. He, too, needs to shake away the demons of last season.

War Damn Eagle!

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