Tuesday, September 23, 2008

The Resurgence of Erin Andrews

A few months ago, I put a picture of Erin Andrews on this website. It’s not a fancy picture, just one of her from a Florida alumni get-together in Atlanta. That one picture has been found by some website somewhere. When people visit this blog, the Erin Andrews picture is drawing in 3 out of every 10 visitors (30%).

During the run-up to the Auburn – LSU game last week, the Erin Andrews picture was drawing only 1 out of every 20 visitors (5%). Now that the game is over, the percentage of people checking out this blog to see the Erin Andrews shot is one in four (25%).

I just want to ask the question…what website or blog is funneling the traffic here.

Please drop me a line and let me know. Thanks.

To see the picture, click here.

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