Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Auburn vs. LSU: Round Two

Yes, it was probably the most anemic performance by an Auburn offense that we’ve ever seen.

Granted, I still remember a 22-0 loss to Southern Cal a few years ago and a 34-3 loss to FSU back when I was in college. Those were bad. And we looked like crap. But how bad were we really in the MSU game? We gained 315 yards of total offense in the game. It was our lowest production of the year. However, as one Alabama sportswriter pointed out, Auburn’s total yardage was higher than six games from last season and within 25 yards of two others. I had to check that out. The writer was correct. Here are the results:

Auburn’s total yardage from last season:
Below 315:
Georgia (216), Alabama (282), Arkansas (290), South Florida (290), Kansas State (291), and LSU (296).
Close: Mississippi State (323), Florida (326)

Our highest output in one game was 428 yards, ironically against Clemson.

(Yes, I know, none of the games is adjusted for penalties.)

Still, our inability to put the ball into the end zone and Wes Byrum’s imitation of John Vaughn against LSU has every Auburn fan wondering the following: will Auburn’s offense be able to generate anything against LSU?

The answer is yes.

For starters, we’ve had three games. Last year at this time, we were 1-2 (0-1 in the SEC) and had produced 10 turnovers in two losses. The pundits were saying Auburn would be lucky to win three games and was already out of the bowl picture.

This year, we’re 3-0 (1-0 in the SEC). Our worry is not being bowl eligible, but whether we can get our offense together to win the Western Division.

The worries this season vs. last season are very different. Last season, it was can we win. This season, it’s can we score enough.

The total points scored in the last two visits by LSU to Auburn: 29. Ten points were scored in Auburn’s 7-3 victory in 2006. Nineteen points were scored in Auburn’s 10-9 victory in 2004.

We may not score much, but, the way our defense is playing, hopefully we won’t need to score much. The line on the game is LSU by 2-1/2. Yes, they are favored in our house.
Expect us to beat the spread.

And look for us to win the game.

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