Monday, September 15, 2008

Auburn vs. LSU: Round One - GameDay

In October of last year, I did a column entitled “Auburn: 2-0 when GameDay blows”. The column discussed the GameDay crew ripping Auburn prior to last year’s Florida game, implying that Auburn didn’t have a chance. All three hosts were predicting a virtual blood bath. Instead, as you may recall, Auburn beat Florida in The Swamp.

The last time the GameDay crew made similar predictions was when Auburn faced Alabama with a 4th string TB named Tre Smith and converted TE to FB named Cooper Wallace.

This week, the GameDay crew descends on the Plains. It’s nice that they at least admit that a match-up of two Top Ten teams is probably the biggest game of the day, not the meeting between UT and Florida, which CBS has chosen to show for the last several years, when presented with a choice between UF-UT and AU-LSU. CBS definitely lives in the 90s.

However, I hope the Game Day crew gives Auburn the same treatment they have before.

I hope after watching Auburn’s performance against MSU last week, the GameDay crew throws us under a bus.

I hope when the time comes that Corso takes a mascot head of Mike the Tiger out of the box and puts it on his head.

Auburn fights best when it’s fighting mad.

War Eagle!

P.S. I was going to do a story on how close and low scoring a number of Auburn – LSU games have been over the years, but Kevin Scarbinsky at the Birmingham News beat me to the punch in the second half of his Auburn - MSU wrap up. His article is here.

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