Sunday, September 21, 2008

Auburn - LSU Wrap Up: Pooched Out

When we have late night games like this, I find it impossible to go to bed right away. The adrenalin rush makes it impossible to calm down and go to sleep. Right now is one of those times.

When we took the lead in the 4th quarter in Baton Rouge last year, a pooch kick gave LSU excellent field position and proved our downfall. This year, a poor punt did the same thing. We gave LSU great field position and they took it down and scored on us.

But that wasn’t the only thing that proved our downfall tonight.

There was the way we started missing our defensive assignments and allowed LSU to score two TDs in the 3rd quarter to take the lead. This was combined with the fact that twice in the 2nd half we drove to within field goal range and never even got a chance to kick the field goal. If you’re going to go for it on 4th and 1, just run the damn ball.

There was the play on 3rd and 25 late where Todd missed a wide-open Robert Dunn. However, there was also the play that same series where Lee Ziemba missed his assignment and put us in to that long yardage situation. On 4th and 25, we fell three yards short. Ironically, we faced long yardage in 2004 on the last drive. On 4th and 15 four years ago, we were on target.

There are some numerical oddities to note:

1) The last five games have been decided by a total of 19 points. Margins have been 1 point (2004), 3 points (2005), 4 points (2006), 6 points (2007), and 5 points (2008). When we win next year in Baton Rouge, the margin will be two points.

2) Auburn gained 320 total yards against LSU. That’s five more than Auburn gained against Mississippi State.

3) The over-under on this game was 38. Who, but Vegas, could have imagined there would be more than 38 points scored in this game?

Yes, there are little things we can point to, but in the end, we just flat lost. We have to hope LSU loses two games, which is conceivable.

As for us, I’d like to rescind one comment I made in July. I expected us to beat LSU, but lose to Tennessee. I based that on us being physically wracked from the LSU game.

I now think we’ll beat UT next weekend.

War Damn Eagle anyway!!!!


Jerry said...

I hope so. LSU and Auburn both had tough defense, and it seemed like a matter of who would tire out first. Guess it was Auburn.

What if Auburn is tired next week from this LSU game? Don't wanna think about it, especially since I live in TN and have to see that ugly Tang orange all the time.

Anonymous said...

Jerry, that's not tang orange, it's vomit orange.

Walt Mussell said...

Jerry, I think we'll be ready. No worries.

As for the color of orange, it does make it easier to see them on the defense.

Anonymous said...

Walt, is AUB going to look past TN to 10/4 on ESPN?

I kid, I kid....actually, I would love for you to take TN out this weekend, Fulmer would likely be gone and the team would fold, as has been the theme for TN over the last few years.