Thursday, August 7, 2008

Week 9: Auburn at West Virginia

The title say Week 9 as Auburn has a bye during Week 8. This is fortunate as WVU has a bye during Week 8 as well.

Auburn gets 12 days to rest up from its meeting with Arkansas before traveling to Morgantown to play West Virginia. This game is referred to as the most important non-conference game in the SEC this fall. (Yes, I know. Georgia fans will cite their meeting at Arizona State; Alabama fans will cite their Clemson match-up.)

This game, scheduled for a Thursday night, will have the nation glued to its seats as both teams will definitely be Top 20 and possibly even Top 10. The rest will do Auburn good, as they will be ready to play, but so will West Virginia. Last year's Big East and Fiesta Bowl Champions, who were one game away from the NC before blowing it against Pittsburgh, are the pre-season favorite to win the Big East again. Led by QB and Heisman hopeful Pat White, WVU has a chance to run the table under its new head coach, Bill Stewart.

My prediction for this game is a low scoring affair. Coach Stewart retained the previous DC, who had the one of the bet defenses in the nation last year. Whereas Auburn now has Paul Rhoads, who at Pittsburgh had the #5 defense in the nation last season. Auburn will be victorious, but this game will go down to the wire.

Predicted score: Auburn 18, West Virginia 16
Predicted record: Auburn 7-1

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