Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Week 12: Auburn vs. Georgia

If there's one week the last two seasons that has made me cringe, it's been the annual match-up with Georgia. Two years ago, we were out of it from the opening series. Last year, we went into a funk after going up 20-17 in the 3rd quarter. Like all Auburn fans, I felt for my Tigers, wondering just what was going on.

This year's contest returns to Auburn, traditionally a site where Georgia has better odds. Unfortunately, the game will hold true to form. Current polls have UGA in the Top 5 with some predicting an NC. I disagree with the NC. I think UGA will lose to Florida and not even win the SEC East. However, they will still be in the race at this time and will maintain their slim hopes of winning the Division. This one will not be embarrassing like the last two, but the end result will sill be the same.

Predicted score: UGA 20, Auburn 16
Predicted Auburn record: 9-2

Note to readers the week of the AU-UGA game: If you'd like to read my current thoughts on the game, please check the right hand side for more recent postings. Thanks.

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