Tuesday, August 5, 2008


My favorite sports columnist, John Pruett, unfortunately retired back in March. (Unfortunate for his readers, but good for him.) He was great in his SEC coverage. However, my favorite columns of his revolved around bringing to life wonderful sports stories of everyday people. I enjoyed those columns more than his game write-ups. Mr. Pruett also used to run columns of interesting tidbits that, when combined, made a full column. He referred to it as a potpourri. Today's column is similar. Hope you enjoy it.

* In the store this past weekend, Andrew saw a cardboard cut-out of Hannah Montana and admitted to having a crush. I've known this was coming, but still it was interesting to hear him admit it. Thankfully, my wife doesn't take Vanity Fair.

* An article on msn.com yesterday touted the health benefits of coffee. I've seen them before, but this one was one of the most positive I've ever read. My wife would respond that two cups of coffee are okay; two pots are not. (OK, I really only drink a pot.) I'm drinking regular this morning.

* College football practices have started. Mo believes my true first love is the Auburn Tigers. She's wrong, but I seem to do a lousy job of convincing her.

* In a counter argument to the previous point, I am currently doing a game-by-game analysis at my other blog, Walt's Place, about how Auburn will do this season. Click here to be taken to the site.

* I recently learned that Home Depot does a Kid's Workshop. The one close to us, at Exit #4 just off of I-985, does theirs on the first Saturday morning of each month from 9:00 a.m. - 12:00 p.m. Call the Home Depot close to your area for details. They likely do this as well. The boys made flagpole holders this past weekend, in honor of the Olympics, and had a blast. Next month, the craft is race cars. We'll be there.

* Have signed the boys up for fall baseball. Andrew is ready for Scouts to begin and Christopher wants to be a Tiger Cub.

* School starts next week. My kids are looking forward to it. However, it appears my wife is looking forward to it, also. It is nuts to start school this early. Hopefully, the discussion in the state legislature about moving the school year to a September - June time frame for 2009-2010 will take root. However, that will give the kids the longest summer vacation in recent memory.

* Admittedly, I am looking forward to school starting as well. My job now allows me to work from home twice a week. When the kids are in school, I get to have a lunch date with Mo (thereby blowing any gas savings I was getting). However, Mo and I have had few "dates" since the kids were born. We have to enjoy them when we can get them.

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