Sunday, August 31, 2008

Post-game thoughts: Auburn 34, University of Louisiana – Monroe 0

I’m late posting this, but there’s a reason. I was at a party on Saturday night and listened to the game on the radio. I knew the game would be broadcast on CSS on Sunday night and I wanted to get my visual impression. That’s because we didn’t sound that great on radio.

Granted, I didn’t know what I was expecting. I knew there would be some shifting of quarterbacks. However, when I realized it was going to be every possession, my first thought was that was utterly stupid. I figured neither QB would be able to get in sync. It sounded like it. When Kodi Burns went out in the third quarter, it seemed to allow Chris Todd the opportunity to get in to some kind of rhythm.

However, the following should be noted:

1) Three points!

Before you think I’ve gone nuts and can’t subtract, I’m not talking about the difference in the score of Saturday’s game. I’m talking about the difference that last time Auburn unveiled a new offense.

When Al Borges came to the Plains in 2004, the opening game was against UL-M. The final score of that contest was 31-0.

With Tony Franklin, the score was three points higher.

Granted, Tony Franklin did have the Clemson game in which he supposedly installed 25% of the offense. Still, it was pretty new to many of the players. However, whereas Auburn, I believe, scored on its first possession in the UL-M and had its way early and often, this offense did not seem to get on track and owes much of its scoring to defense and special teams. This team also went to the red zone and had difficulty getting the ball across the goal line

2) Defense

Any time the defense pitches a shutout, congrats should go all around. They did almost give it up at the end, but a dropped pass in the end zone by UL-M preserved the outcome. However, I thought Rhoades was going to teach these guys how to put their hands up and try to block passes. So, there’s a lot to go. However, I do believe they held UL-M to 1 for 16 on third down attempts.

3) Special Teams

Special teams looked awesome. From Robert Dunn’s punt return to the fumble on the kickoff to open the second time, Auburn’s special teams either scored or put Auburn in the position to score. Keep this up and they are going to be the difference in some games going forward.

4) Odd thing noted:

Don’t know why this is, but Kodi Burns looks better on TV than he sounds on the radio while Chris Todd is the exact opposite. Don’t know why that is. When I listened on the radio, I thought Chris Todd should be running it. When I watched on TV, I thought Kodi should be in control. Since I will watch more games this year on TV than listen to on the radio, I’m going to vote that Kodi should definitely get the nod for the Southern Miss game and that he should be allowed to get some rhythm.

Now that I’ve written this, I’m going to do what I’ve been waiting to do: go on the message and news article boards and see how wrong my analysis is. Of course, you’re welcome to tell me how wrong I am here.

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