Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Week 5: Auburn vs, Tennessee

For some reason, this is the game that nobody's talking about. Tennessee, like Auburn, has a new offensive coordinator. Also, they have a good QB with a bit more experience than ours. And Tennessee is in a position that Auburn normally enjoys, a good team flying under the radar. Florida and Georgia are the focus of everyone, with Georgia being a favorite and Florida an outside favorite to take the SEC and possibly the NC.

Tennessee is good, but Auburn would win most of the time. However, on the heels of a contest against LSU, the most physical team Auburn faces each year, Auburn will find itself in poor shape against the Volunteers. Tennessee won't be in much better shape, given that Florida will drop them the week before. However, the loss to Florida will provide them with motivation. Auburn has won the last three contests. We will not win this one.

Predicted score: 23-21
Predicted Auburn record: 4-1

9/21/08 Note: If you're reading this now, please look in the archives on the right hand side. I will post both a more detailed preview of this game as well as post-game comments for this and every other game on the schedule. Please check back often.


Jbro said...

Hey, Walt. I've never really followed or been a fan of football, but am going to start to absorb it all a little at a time now. I'm in Chattanooga and needless to say there are plenty of Vols and Bulldogs. Wife is going to be an alumni of Auburn. Will be following your blog. Thanks

Walt Mussell said...

Jbro, thanks for dropping by. I'll be covering Auburn football here as much as I can. Look forward to hearing from you again soon.