Monday, July 28, 2008

Week 4: Auburn vs. LSU

Week 4 promises to be a intense, as our beloved Tigers welcome the ones from Baton Rouge, in the annual contest to decide SEC West supremacy (at least it should be, if we don't screw things up by losing to Arkansas like years past). Ryan Perilloux's (sp?) exit was early enough to be caught in pre-season polls by all of the major magazines. However, there was a split down the line as to which set of Tigers would bring home the SEC West crown. In my opinion, LSU's QB loss was actually LSU's team gain. The Purple Tigers will play better without the headcase than with him.

However, it still won't be enough for them to stave off defeat. Auburn will win this one, making it the 8th straight win for the home team. Look for ESPN to drag Chaz Ramsey's name through the mud and to replay that game ending TD from last year until fans are sick of it. It will be close, but not as much as previous years.

Predicted score: Auburn 27-21
Predicted Auburn record: 4-0

9/17/08 Note: For those just reading this now, please click on one of the links under blog archives on the right for more recent Auburn vs. LSU postings.

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