Friday, July 18, 2008

One For The Girls

Earlier this week, my older sister, Elizabeth, told me she wanted me to spend a day watching her daughter, Andrea. Andrea, my adorable goddaughter and niece, was named after the same relative that my son, Andrew, was. My boys both love their cousin, Andrea. When she was born, my younger son, Christopher, referred to her as HIS baby.

My wife and I would love to spend a day watching Andrea. She (and her parents) live northwest of Atlanta in Cherokee County and the trip is well over an hour each way, taking away the possibility of just dropping by and saying “hi.” I hope to do so soon. What was funny, though, was a reason my sister gave for wanting this: She thinks it would be funny to see me write in this blog about taking care of a little girl.

I admit it would. We don’t have a daughter and I don’t know squat about what it means to take care of a little girl. My wife loves our boys. Years ago, though, she jokingly lamented not having “someone to shop with.” Little girls are sweetness and nice. Little boys are a handful. I don’t know if that’s completely true. (I have heard that this view reverses when kids hit the teen years.) What I do know is that, as destructive as my little guys can be, they’ve met their match in Andrea. My niece once thought it would be a good idea to flush an entire roll of toilet paper, at one time. (She was training the potty to flush.) Thankfully, the plumber was able to help my sister and brother-in-law avert any permanent damage.

I admit though, there are joys my wife and I will never know. I understand Transformers, but have no true “appreciation” for the American Girl craze, other than knowing it’s huge. At North Pointe Mall in Alpharetta, there is an American Girl Boutique and Bistro, where little girls can take their dolls for shopping, lunch, and a makeover. Much younger cousins of mine are making the trip this weekend to go to the AGB&B. Amazingly, they had to make their reservation over two months ago. That fact blew me away.

So, what else am I missing? I’d love to hear your thoughts.


Tami Brothers said...

Hey Walt,

I just have one 9 year old boy and can totally relate to a lot of what you blog about.

But, in a family with 12 grandkids, there is one little girl. She is sweet, pretty, small, has dimples that a grown woman would die for AND has the worse gas problem of anyone I know. This little girl can rip out a burp or the 'other thing' and put grown men to shame.

I can honestly say that I'm happy dealing with my disgusting little boy because I've been more embarrased when I was out with her than any other time.

Just my experience with little girls...


Walt M said...

Sounds great! Those burps are important! AS for boys and the "other thing," I am sure the male grandchildren will re-establish their dominance as they get older.